Lifetime Whitening

We’d like to invite our loyal patients to join our Whitening for Life Program
Because We all Deserve a Beautiful White Smile!

Mandeville Dentistry Teeth Whitening Lifetime ServiceHere’s how it works:
We take impressions of your teeth and fabricate a set of custom whitening trays just for you. You also receive instructions and take-home whitening.

At your regularly scheduled hygiene visits we provide a free whitening material refill so you can maintain your smile.

How much does it cost?:
Initial enrollment in the loyalty program is $175.00. If you lose your trays while enrolled in the program, replacement trays will cost $125.00. After 5 years of continuous enrollment in the loyalty program, you become entitled to a free set of replacement trays.

If you have previously purchased whitening trays or a whitening package from Camellia Creek, we will waive your initial enrollment cost.

If you want to Boost your whitening you may purchase in-office whitening sessions for $160.00 per session. This is not necessary, but sometimes when someone has a special event to attend they may want immediate results that can only be obtained with in-office treatment.

What happens if I miss my hygiene appointments or have untreated periodontal disease or tooth decay?
Before you can whiten your teeth or receive whitening material refills, any periodontal disease and tooth decay or dental infections will have to be treated. Missing your regularly scheduled hygiene appointments or having dental work done elsewhere removes you from enrollment in the program. Re-enrollment may require additional enrollment fees.

Are there any other exclusions to participating in this program?
To participate you must have your adult teeth. Minors with all their adult teeth may participate with their parent’s consent.

Remember that tooth whitening can not change the shade of fillings, bonding, crowns, or other dental work.

Ask about signing up today!